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May 1, 2014 3:30pm PDT
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Apr 28, 2014 3:28pm PDT
in "the situation room." the obama administration trying to send a clear message to russia by stepping up its sanctions against president vladimir putin's inner circle. the violence on the ground in ukraine is only worsening. more clashes in east after a deadly bombing earlier today. chief national security correspondent jim schiutto is monitoring the situation. whaps the latest? >> in making their case, administration officials have been frankly brutal h their rhetoric. they said russia has done, quote, precisely nothing to meet its obligations under the deal reached in geneva earlier this month intended to deescalateacc continuing to spark unrest. clearly it took some time, more time than expected to get sanctions together in rough agreement with europe. it's hard to distinguish them, in fact, from the earlier round of sanctions. administration officials say it's just one step of many. with the crisis in ukraine only growing more violent, today the obama administration introduced new economic sanctions it says are designed to punish russia for orchestrating it. the sanctions
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2